Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Know What I Did Last Summer Rather Than Finish My Novel

Since I last posted, I completed the house projects, (including tearing out a useless doorway), started revising my novel after receiving feedback, became a member of MWA, transported a few basset hounds, did several job interviews, and started a used bookstore. Well, in process, anyway.

It happens that my niece Kristin is a teacher, and as with so many, she wasn't rehired after our state apparently decided to return our children to the dark ages... then there was this bookstore I loved when I was a kid... so we'll be opening a bookstore in Palm Coast by Christmas. The name and logo are pictured.

Read (Think) Books Logo
What do you guys think? Has a lack of oxygen gotten to me, or is this just a very elaborate form of procrastination?

Nanowrimo starts November 1, but instead of participating, I'm thinking about challenging myself to a month-long rewrite of NiP -- while I start Read (Think) Books.

So, what did you do last summer?

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