Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shoe Fetish-ish

I was getting ready to work (really), when I was sidetracked by an email ad from The Village Hat Shop. There, I saw a cute men's fedora that made me think of White Collar, a show that has the most wonderful clothes--real clothes, like real people wear if they've got good taste and lots of money. (OK, maybe not that real, but ya know what I mean.) So I went to their style photo gallery. There, I noticed a pair of shoes, which made me think of the lack of good shoes at my local Ross, where I used to find expensive shoes cheap. That's where I bought my first pair of Børn shoes. I love those shoes, so I looked them up. Now I've got a problem. Look at these:
Børn to Love Shoes
$95. I may need a pair.


  1. Not only do I LOVE THEM, but they look exactly, precisely, completely like shoes you should have.

    What are you waiting for?

    I hope to see them adorning your charming insteps a week from tonight.

    (Word veri is CHETA. Are you cheating? Or are the shoes CHEETAH skin? Or is it a sideways spelling of CHELA, an Indian word for a guru's devotee?)

    Your pal,
    (Who is using the your pretty post as a DISTRACTION herself.)

  2. Ha! I, too, sat down to write and saw these cute shoes! I love shoes...they NEVER make you look fat! I say, go for it.



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