Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Cat-Car Blues

I wrote a little blues song for Lady Momo. She sang it, and I recorded it. If you want to hear, you can download the .m4a file here: The Cat-Car Blues

The Cat-Car Blues

Mama, she threw me in an old box
Tossed it in back and cranked up the car,
Took me wailin' and whinin'
All the way to Wiseman,
Singin' the Cat-Car Blues.

The vet-man, he poked and he prod,
and if I'd been loaded, he would have got shot.
But instead it was me,
and instead o' goin' free,
I'm singin' the Cat-Car Blues.

Well, we've already come and went,
Mama's money's all been spent.
So I'm not alone, she's got the moan,
And we're singin' the Cat-Car Blues.

Lady MoMo in her boudoir