Saturday, June 12, 2010

Freshening up the Blog

When I can't work, I often find myself reorganizing. Apparently, when I can't think of a blog topic, I change my blog template. Some nice ones showed up on blogger, so I had to try them out. Went for simple, again, on this blog--got a little wilder on the ones I use just for me!


  1. Very exciting look, MK. But more than that, I like hearing about what you find to be creative when your main creative focus isn't on-line for one or another reason.

    I'm wandering around my own world feeling very disconnected--late, tired, not doing the twelve most important things I think I should be doing . . .

    This afternoon (I'm going to see Pati Anderson! Remember her?), when I get home, I'm making a list of exactly what I need to organize my life so I don't feel like I'm just floating above it, not accomplishing anything.

    My verification word is "remin" as in, you're "remin"ding me to remember to refocus my energies.

  2. BTW, I saw those new templates, and was appropriately tempted, but I know that, like re-painting my bedroom, such unreasonably pleasurable aesthetic projects are best left for when I have enough time to relish them.

    The bedroom, BTW, is now blue. Just about the blue of your lettering in the gray space to the right. Very working--thanks to Kerrin who suggested it. I would NEVER have picked blue left to my own thinking.

    That's why G-d gave me friends, I reckon.



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