Thursday, January 14, 2010

Prompt: Curses

A big mouth with a pulpit says that Haiti was cursed because they made a pact with the devil. In fact, they prayed to their deity, who was most certainly not the devil, and they did achieve liberation with blood and courage.

A curse is a wish that harm or hurt will be inflicted by a supernatural power. A curse needs a human agent. Who was it, then: The French? The Americans? The big mouth's predecessors?

Who Cursed Haiti?

And now, the prompt:
In your story, which of your characters may have been cursed by the forces of oppression or by a malevalent individual? Why does the person curse your character? What are the results of the curse? How can your character lift the curse?


  1. I heard about this on Facebook. In fact, I came close to joining the group "We think Pat Robertson should STFU". I would think that the person spreading hate for profit is the one that has "made a pact with the devil", not the poor people of Haiti.

    But fighting hate with hate is no good either so I didn't join. So how do you fight evil without getting your own hands dirty? Or is that the good fight? I don't have a character in mind...except my own good character, so I will ignore the hate and keep trying to do a little good with the broken tools I've been given to work with.

  2. Anna--

    You are making me a better person, even when you're not around! Nice comment on a nice post.

    Cool stuff, MK!

  3. MK--

    You might love Larry Moore's post yesterday on Pat Effin' Roberts vs. Creative People.

    Get to his link via the Slippers Blog Log: His is Migrant Art Worker, and the post is "Tolerance of Ambiguity."

    He's an artist (painter) in Lynn's studio.



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