Monday, April 13, 2009

iWork? Pages? -->Back to OpenOffice

Not fond of mykrosoft, when I came back to the land of Mac after years of putting up with a cheap PC, I started using OpenOffice. It had to use X11, it was slow as frozen jello, and its purported 99% .doc friendliness was overrated. So I started using Pages. Pages is good as far as it goes, and its .doc port wasn't terrible, but it lacked some of my favorite features, such as indexing. And, the .doc wasn't that good, really. Writing a novel, I tried NeoOffice (slow), CopyWrite (don't recall), Scrivener (interesting, but overly complex for me), and StoryMill (not featureful enough).
So, I'm back to OpenOffice. So far, all I can say is: not very slow; crashes a lot, but not so much I'm screaming; and has a nice UI. I can't use the TOC as a hyperlink to a page, at least, I haven't found a way. It has a TOC-making style that is just as arcane and likely to screw up as MykroWord--not worse, not better. Oh, and the TOC removal process seems to cause crashing.
I'll give an update when I have more data.

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