Friday, March 27, 2009

Dream Job?

Are you interested for play a role of actor in bollywood movies.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Story Circle

I have signed on as an editor with Story Circle Network, a group "dedicated to helping women share the stories of their lives and to raising public awareness of the importance of women's personal histories." I'm excited about the idea of working with other writers on projects of personal significance. The service will, as I understand it, offer editing to women with all sorts of stories to tell--in fiction and poetry, as well as memoir. I'll blog more about it as the service comes online.

They requested a marketing piece:
Mary K is the kind of editor you wish you had in school, when you put your heart into your words, and every red pen seemed determined to destroy you. In her 20 years as an editor and writer, she has developed a style that tempers sensitivity to the music of words with a passion for brevity. Being trained both as a creative writer and a journalist, she loves best when she can help an author discover the truth in stories. In her own writing life, Mary K has written novels, essays, stories and innumerable poems.
Mary K has taught English at the college level, edited fiction, worked in marketing and technical communications, and judged in the annual Florida Technical Communication Competition. She has a master’s in journalism/mass communications from the University of Florida and a bachelor’s in English/creative writing from Old Dominion University. Teachers and writers who have influenced her include Bruce Weigl, Bernard J. Paris, Lawrence Hetrick, Allen Caillouet and Jamie Morris.

Sadly, I had to give them a photo as well. Don't laugh! (Loudly.)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dreams of the Economy

I had a series of dreams a few nights ago in which my subconscious apparently decided to address the economic situation. In one, I had a new career in which I was teaching people to practice yoga in bed--sort of a cross between yoga instructor and massage therapist. In the other, I walked into a store in my old home town that was closing and selling the furnishings.
When I asked my friend, NM, about economy dreams, she told me that she had a dream in which she saw a series of ghost towns, empty of inhabitants.
The network engineer says that he had a dream in which he parked his truck with trailer attached at work, which in the dream was a "secure" place, and when he returned, all the sheet metal had been removed from the truck, leaving the intact trailer attached to a bare pickup cab.

How about you? Are you dreaming about the economy?

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Saturday I volunteered for the Friends of the Wekiva River event called Riverfest. I helped Deedee hand out programs and later stood around the art display in a semi-official capacity. This was a happy accident, as it gave me time to watch the Birds of Prey show, given by the Eagle Lady.
Volunteering gives me something to do while I wait for my ship to come in, and I highly recommend it to anyone facing the current occupation shortfall. I need more of it.

In the photo (badly taken with my iPhone), Doris' Caracara goes for a walk. Here he (or his body double) is on YouTube.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Praise of Family

These people are some of the reasons that I don't despair even when money's tight, all the news is bad, and it doesn't seem as if it can get any worse, and it does.

Reservoir or Wellspring?

I realize that lately I have been treating my creativity as if it is a reservoir from which I can only draw so much before it is used up. Maybe even that isn't right--maybe I'm acting as if it is more like a canteen in the desert: when I've drunk all of my ideas, I will die of thirst, so I'd better drink sparingly.
So what is the truth of it? Will my ideas run out if I try to drink too often? Or will they only flow freely when I keep the well primed?