Friday, February 20, 2009

Prompt: Body Art

I dreamed last night that I saw someone being decorated with delicate, henna-like lines, from head to toe. The process itself seemed warm and caring, and the art was beautiful.
For me, lines are related to the process of writing, and henna is linked to the support of women for one another.
Try this: Write a scene in which your protagonist becomes a canvas. How does it happen? Who does it? How does it feel? Is the art temporary or permanent?

Time but no Motivation

When I had a full-time telecommute gig, I was able to write a 400 page novel in two years, plus the beginnings of several others. I wrote almost every night.
When I was laid off, I thought I would spend a couple hours each day looking for new projects, an hour exercising, and use the rest of this unexpected bonus time putting the finishing touches on my novel. Then, when the projects started rolling in, I would ready to submit it to an agent.
Yeah, right: I spent five or six hours a day looking for work, redesigning my portfolio, and brushing up on my skills. The other three or four hours of my usual work day, I read, made phone calls, even did laundry. The time at night that I used to use to write, I began using to fidget, be bored, fiddle. No novel, no exercise...
So, as the projects have started to hobble in in this recessionary job market, I wonder how I can restart my writing habit.
Any ideas?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Artificially Arid

The engineer spent all day yesterday working on the broken water system. Something called an air bladder expired Thursday night, requiring the replacement of the whole tank, because we couldn't find just the part, and all of the plumbing pipes and fittings. As long as he was there, the engineer decided to out in a new filtration system, consisting of a sediment filter and a more elaborate filter, as well as take away all the extraneous bits we haven't been using these last few years (after they broke down, one at a time). Why is plumbing so darned complicated? Fluid dynamics, gravity, chemical cohesion (or lack thereof); it's a mess.
We got up this morning to test the system, and while it is functional for a while, the plumber says it all has to be done over again because some of the parts are faulty. Argh!!!
Thank goodness for the pond (from whence we carted our flush water) and previously mentioned engineer-cum-plumber. How do those without these benefits cope?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nuff Said?

Self-reflection is one thing, but examining my navel lint in front of a (so far, imaginary) crowd is another, less high-minded thing all together. Should I continue the blog?
  1. Place for employers to gauge my writing style.
  2. Soapbox for my favorite rants.
  3. Little Zen garden for my thoughts.
  1. Silly waste of time.

Hunt and Gather

Two new projects! Two editing jobs to keep the home fires alight. I have had nibbles galore (say, that sounds like the name of a sexy Bond girl), and I've done a lot of volunteer work, but solid paying jobs... in this economy, I feel rich.
However, the engineer and I have been discussing ways to reduce out-go. I have made the point here that I'm trying to continue to support small businesses, but a few big businesses may get less of our money. Our cable provider, whom I like, may nevertheless be partially replaced by something like Boxee and Netflix. Cell phone extras and one of the cars are also possible targets.