Friday, January 2, 2009

State of the Wench

It's 2009, even if it took a second longer to get here.
  • I am still looking for Mr. Right-Job, or Mr. Right-Now-Project. I have discovered a raft of job sites, but they all seem to lead to the same five jobs. In fact, jobs I've applied for, and even interviewed for, have not yet been filled. I have attended a seminar on rain-making--by STC member John Hedtke--and participated as a judge in the FTCC competition for 2008. I've started this blog. I've created a new portfolio site.
  • I've planted some kiwis, which may already be dead. Spring will tell. I've painted my kitchen and refurbished a decrepit hoosier with a white enamel top to go in it.
  • I have hosted a sweet foster basset for the last two weeks. I took in another sick basset who died about 16 hours after I picked him up.
  • The novel is tangly and not getting more organized. I have six pages of a new novel idea to keep me warm.
So, that's the state of the wench. How about you?

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