Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dirty Money

What am I worth? --scratch that-- What is the work I do worth?
Since I became a feral writer, (an independent contractor, as some like to say), this has become more than a philosophical question.
To get paid, I need to know.

To find out, I look at this data:
  • What do people get paid around the country for doing this specific kind of project?
  • How much do I need to maintain my desired standard of living? #cats x $catfood + #books x $/book + bare survival + (fun/recession)
I then give weight to several factors:
  • If I'm perfect for the job, and not TOO good for it, bid high.
  • If the work is interesting to me, bid in the middle and/or offer to negotiate.
  • If I really need the work, bid on the low end of my range.
Bid what the job's worth, bid what's fair, and bid what I can afford. In the end, I'm selling a product, NOT my sweet self.

P.S. A nice site on what to charge:

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